It’s been a bit over a month since we opened Arbitrum One to developers, and what a month it’s been! There’s been a surge of activity getting infrastructure stood up, dApps deployed, and assets bridged, readying the Arbitrum One ecosystem for prime time. In this post, we’ll catch our breath for a second and update you on everything that’s been going on and what’s to come.

First off, thank you! Thanks to all the teams that have been building, thanks to the broader Ethereum community for your incredible support and enthusiasm. Your energy is infectious and we would not be…

With Arbitrum One now open to developers, we are excited to announce that The Graph’s hosted indexing and querying services are live on Arbitrum One joining other protocols and infrastructure providers including Gnosis Safe and Etherscan supporting the network, with many more infrastructure announcements coming up over the next couple of weeks. The Graph provides an indexing and query layer of the decentralized web. Developers on Arbitrum can now build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, that applications can query using GraphQL.

The Graph’s community of over 17,000 active developers have built over 12,000 subgraphs for applications like Aave, DoDo…

Arbitrum mainnet beta has launched for developers. What comes next? Read on.

Arbitrum has — — actually, wait. We’ll get to us in a second, but first let’s talk about you, our amazing community. You’re incredible. We’ve been blown away by your support and both humbled and honored that so many have entrusted us with our critical mission to scale Ethereum. Ethereum is bigger than any one team or project, and we’re truly fortunate to be a part of this extraordinary ecosystem. 💙

Alright, back to us for a sec.

Today’s the day! We’ve deployed the Arbitrum contracts on Ethereum…

With Arbitrum’s mainnet beta launch rapidly approaching we have begun announcing some of the awesome infrastructure projects that will be joining the Arbitrum ecosystem. Our goal is to replicate the Ethereum mainnet experience and make sure that all of the best Ethereum infrastructure is available to Arbitrum users. Yesterday, we announced that Alchemy will be bringing their popular developer platform to Arbitrum, and today we’re announcing a partnership with the gold-standard of Ethereum block explorers: Etherscan.

One of the most important tools for both developers and end-users alike is a top-notch block explorer, and there really is no parallel to…

tl;dr: We’ve added Sequencer support and will open an Arbitrum Sequencer testnet on May 14. We plan to open Arbitrum mainnet to developers on May 28.

Yes, we hear you! Loud and clear! Gas fees are high and Ethereum users need relief. We’ve been hard at work getting Arbitrum ready for prime time, and we know the community is ready, so…(drum roll)… we have some exciting updates!

Technical update: now with 100% more sequencer

First, a technical update. When we previously announced our release candidate testnet, Arbitrum did not include a Sequencer. What this meant was transactions did not get…

Whooo. Deep breath. We’ve been quite busy over the past few months and are excited to share our progress and roadmap with you. It’s been a wild ride, but keep your seatbelts on as we’re moving fassst.

Release Candidate Testnet

We’ve just launched our V4 testnet which is our mainnet release candidate.

Sorry folks gonna need a bit more excitement. Let’s try again. It’s our mainnet release candidate!!

We’ve hosted an open and permissionless testnet for five months now, and it’s been an incredible experience for testing our software in the wild and learning from our users. So thanks to everyone who’s developed…

With the increasing number of projects building on the Arbitrum Rollup Testnet — a fully-featured Optimistic Rollup layer 2 network that enables highly scalable and low cost smart contracts — we have shifted our focus to expanding support for key developer tooling and infrastructure required to build advanced smart contract applications on Arbitrum. In doing so, Ethereum developers will not only be able deploy their smart contracts directly onto Arbitrum without requiring any custom tooling or contract rewrites, but they will have all of their familiar infrastructure available as well.

One of the most important pieces of infrastructure necessary to…

tl;dr: Porting to Arbitrum is easy. Check out a composable DeFi ecosystem on Arbitrum’s testnet. Building something on Arbitrum? Let us know and we’ll add it to the dashboard.

Since launching our permissionless, fully EVM-compatible Arbitrum Rollup testnet a few months ago, we’ve seen a flurry activity on our testnet and announced a few demo apps. Single app demos are nice, but don’t show the full power of Arbitrum’s composability. What we really wanted was a full L2 DeFi demo on Arbitrum that users can interact with. …

tl;dr: An easy port. 55x cost reduction with more to come. Try it today!

Earlier this month, we announced the new Arbitrum Rollup testnet, a full-featured Optimistic Rollup that allows anyone to instantly deploy L2 contracts. Today, we’re showcasing just how awesome Arbitrum is by porting one of Ethereum’s most popular dapps. Enter Arbiswap: Uniswap V2 running on Arbitrum Rollup’s testnet.

Go ahead and try out Arbiswap. For convenience, we’ve included a faucet that will send you tokens directly on the Arbitrum chain, but if you already have ETH or some ERC-20 tokens on Kovan, you can also use Arbiswap…

Arbitrum Rollup is the first and only fully featured EVM-compatible Optimistic Rollup with a testnet that’s open to all.

We at Offchain Labs are excited to announce a brand new Arbitrum Rollup testnet on Ethereum’s Kovan test network. This is an open testnet allowing anyone — yes, that includes you — to deploy Solidity contracts on Arbitrum Rollup now. Today’s release is a major upgrade from our previous testnet release and runs on the newly upgraded Arbitrum software stack.

Try Arbitrum Rollup today

Our February testnet launch was the first — and to date only — fully-functional EVM Optimistic Rollup on Ethereum testnet. Today…

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