Arbitrum Odyssey Voting Update

Offchain Labs
4 min readMay 9, 2022

Hey Arbitrum Fam! Sorry for the delay here, we know it has been a bit since the voting occurred but we want to give you a recap of all things Odyssey!

Following the closing of the Snapshot vote we’d like to congratulate all 14 projects voted by the community to be part of the Arbitrum Odyssey campaign! 🎉

We are very excited to be kicking off the 8-week Arbitrum Odyssey beginning with Bridge Week in Week 1 and continuing with the following teams thereafter.

Week 1: Bridge Week

Week 2: Yield Protocol and GMX

Week 3: Aboard Exchange and TofuNFT

Week 4: Uniswap and Apex

Week 5: 1inch and Izumi/Yin Finance

Week 6: Dodo and Swapr

Week 7: TreasureDAO and Battlefly

Week 8: Ideamarket and Sushi

We will be working with these teams, Ratwell & Sugoi, & Project Galaxy to organize what actions users will need to complete to receive their NFT badge, indicating their participation in the Odyssey. 🛳️

Wait, what happened with the polls?

It was clear to us that when the voting occurred on Twitter that there were certain bots that were designed to vote for specific projects. Once we detected that, we moved the voting process over to a Snapshot. With that move, our intention was to make the voting as fair as possible and we allowed all wallets that maintained a balance on Arbitrum as of the snapshot to participate in voting. When analyzing the results of the vote, it became quite clear that there were a number of bots that were participating in the voting experience. While the existence of these bots influenced the voting, we investigated a lot of the activity and feel confident that the bots were not deployed by any of the teams in question. We don’t believe, absent proof of malicious activity, it is equitable to penalize the teams that won solely because some of the bot activity ended up working in their favor.

The goal from day 1 for the Arbitrum Odyssey was to encourage the usage and exploration of projects on Arbitrum while simultaneously rewarding those who embark on this trek with awesome NFTs (made by Ratwell) and importantly, we intend to keep this initiative as collaborative and as fun as possible!

Despite proceeding with the Odyssey as is, we recognize that there are a number of OG Arbitrum communities and projects that may have missed out on the opportunity to showcase their project more broadly. To those communities — we completely understand and want to emphasize that we already have begun brainstorming ideas on how we can make sure your (enthusiastic!) voices are showcased. We have some ideas on ways to involve early Arbitrum teams and projects into the Odyssey since they have done so much to make Arbitrum what it is today. However, as we finalize that you will have to stay tuned for now! 👀

What’s next?

Until then, you can join our discord channel and converse with the other Arbiters about your favorite projects built on Arbitrum.

Other than that, sit back and hold tight for when the Arbitrum Odyssey officially begins!

See you soon, Arbiters. 🚀


Q: How can I participate in the Odyssey as a user and get the free NFTs?

A: If you’re a user, there are no prerequisites to participate (e.g. you don’t need to have voted in the snapshot), and you don’t need to do anything until Arbitrum Odyssey officially begins!

About Arbitrum
Arbitrum is an L2 optimistic rollup scaling solution for Ethereum, offering a unique combination of benefits:

  • Trustless security: security rooted in Ethereum, with any validator able to ensure correct Layer 2 results
  • Compatibility with Ethereum: able to run unmodified EVM contracts and unmodified Ethereum transactions
  • Scalability: moving contracts’ computation and storage off of the main Ethereum chain, allowing much higher throughput
  • Minimum cost: designed and engineered to minimize the L1 gas footprint of the system, minimizing per-transaction cost.

With over 300+ dApps deployed & over $3 billion in TVL, Arbitrum is by far the largest rollup ecosystem, but more importantly we together are also the best community. Let’s do this!

Learn more about Arbitrum here.