Etherscan Is Coming to Arbitrum

Offchain Labs
2 min readMay 27, 2021

With Arbitrum’s mainnet beta launch rapidly approaching we have begun announcing some of the awesome infrastructure projects that will be joining the Arbitrum ecosystem. Our goal is to replicate the Ethereum mainnet experience and make sure that all of the best Ethereum infrastructure is available to Arbitrum users. Yesterday, we announced that Alchemy will be bringing their popular developer platform to Arbitrum, and today we’re announcing a partnership with the gold-standard of Ethereum block explorers: Etherscan.

One of the most important tools for both developers and end-users alike is a top-notch block explorer, and there really is no parallel to Etherscan. We are stoked to announce that Etherscan is building an explorer for Arbitrum and it should be ready by the end of July. When Etherscan goes live on Arbitrum, users will enjoy all of the features they’ve come to know and love about Etherscan as well as some custom features exploring the interaction between Ethereum L1 and Arbitrum L2.

Since the Etherscan block explorer won’t be ready until the end of July, we’ve done a bunch of work polishing our own block explorer to hold us over for the next few weeks. Until then, stay tuned for more announcements in the coming days about the infrastructure and apps that are building the Arbitrum ecosystem with us.